Advance the Colors Ticket - Oct 14 2023

Advance the Colors Ticket - Oct 14 2023

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100% of the entry will go to prizes support and and be more than doubled by us.  This is 100% for Warlord mech.  


Submit army list to


Army Construction:
1,250-point army consisting of 1 or 2 Generic Reinforced Platoon(s) of the same nation. 17 dice limit.
ARMY MUST INCLUDE A Captain or Major. These will be critical for the 3 scenarios. Proxies are fine.
No Theatre Selectors or Campaign-Specific Units can be taken outside of ones that specify in their entry that they can be taken in a generic reinforced platoon.
17 order dice/unit limit *INCLUDING FREE UNITS*
Armies can be created from any current “Armies of XYZ” or similar book.
3 color standard for painting
Local Rules:
The Turret Jam rule will not be used.
Armies of Germany: Tanks that cause Tiger Fear are not affected by Tiger Fear.
Army Construction Clarifications:
Maximum of 1 flamethrower can be taken – whether they be a unit upgrade, vehicle upgrade, or weapon team.
Maximum of 1 unit with a heavy howitzer may be taken, either as an artillery unit or mounted on a vehicle.
Maximum of 1 unit with a multiple launcher weapon may be taken, either as an artillery unit or mounted on a vehicle.
No special characters, war correspondents, or naval observers.
Max 1 free unit in any army.
Each mission will be based on scenarios from the main rulebook with modification. There will be a secondary objective tic-tac-toe that we introduced at origins. I will explain how this works in a post.
Price support for Warlord games is pending, Father and Son gaming will have a vendor table there and lots of support.
$20 entry with 100% going to support.
18 spots.
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