Thanks for getting us started.

My son and I were introduced to table top gaming by a church friend.  Right now we only play bolt action, but we are learning about more systems from our gaming friends.  I'd already been 3D printing for several years before we started gaming and it only took a few sessions before we started making terrain and gaming aids.  We've seen tons of buildings made on laser cutters and thought a laser would be a great addition to our workshop.  We started making a few basic items for helping us and our friends game as give aways.  We started getting offers to buy them and decided to open sales to friends on our facebook page.


We are gamers and not shop owners.  Our goal is to over the cost of our machines and share our enjoyment of the game.  We had a few items (2 that we know of) break in our first round of shipments because we need to package the acrylic better.  If you had a breakage please reach out and allow us get you a replacement or refund.

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