About Us

Welcome to Father and Son Gaming! We are a small, family-owned business that began as a basement venture during the Pandemic. Our passion for WW2 Bolt Action tabletop gaming, combined with our skills in 3D printing and laser cutting, inspired us to create high-quality gaming aids and MDF buildings for fellow enthusiasts.

Our journey started with a modest investment in a small laser cutter, and the support of our family to make enough money to cover its cost. Our first product was a Bolt Action gameplay template, which featured common rules and measurements for artillery hits. This simple but practical item quickly gained popularity, and we found ourselves receiving orders through social media and PayPal.

Realizing the need for a more streamlined process, we established our e-commerce website and chose the name FatherandSonGaming.org. Wargaming has been an incredible bonding experience for our family, as it allows us to spend quality time together, learn history, and connect with a fantastic community of historical gamers.

Our product line has since expanded to include a lazy susan paint rack, small barns, and houses. We've faced our fair share of challenges, from mastering the design process to maintaining the laser cutter, but these experiences have provided invaluable lessons for both of us.

Now in our second year, we offer an extensive range of laser-made items for gaming tables and proudly provide prize support for events nationwide. Our teenage co-owner, Henry, plays a vital role in the business, operating the laser and packing items for shipping. Although we continue to grow at a steady pace, Father and Son Gaming remains a fun side hustle that funds our gaming materials and travel expenses.

We also added on the Talent of Ravenloth Designs, from Denmark.  Per Ravn is an incredibly valuable member of our team and he is constantly adding designs to our catalog. And we like to say because of him we are an international business.  

The greatest reward of our work is seeing fellow gamers enjoy our products at events. As Henry, our young co-owner, puts it, "I am always happy to be in the basement helping my dad fill orders. We have such a good time talking about Bolt Action or school while working together."