Prize support agreement


Prize support agreement.  

This is on the honor system.  

We support TOs more when they send gamers our way.

  • We ask that you mention our (and everyone else’s) support at least 3 times leading in (individual posts) up to your event and once afterwards this goes best with the pics of the winners and tables most people post at the end on their state Bol Action pg. We support because we love the game, but advertising goes a long way for small operations like ours.  Please use in all of your posts and also tag our Facebook page and instagram.  Use the attached logos in your posts.  YOU MUST USE THE URL IN YOUR POSTS.
  • Please include a mention of all your prize supporters in the emails you send out, on the score sheets and any tournament packs you hand out.
  • If we give gift card codes, you might want to obscure the codes on the gift cards, until they are handed out by folding them over at the bottom.
  • Finally thanks for being a TO and running events.  This is an awesome community that can’t happen with out good TOs