• How soon can I expect my order to ship?

    It depends.  We are a family operation with 2 members.  For MDF items we cut things as they are ordered.  This can mean an order can take 1-2 days if things are slow or over a week if we have a big queue.  This allows us to make only we need and save on time, materials, inventory costs and storage space.  Our prices are lower than most of the big guys because of this and our customers enjoy the savings.

    Let us know if you need things urgently; ask before ordering. We'll do out best to help you out.  

  • You don't have what I am looking for from Warlord, can you get it?

    If you have a big warlord order we can probably get it for you at a better price, as long as you are not in a hurry.  It could take 2-3 weeks.  Email with inquires.

  • I have a custom game play tool or building I want for a special project.  Can you make it?

    Depending on scale and complexity, we are willing to take on special projects if we have the time.  If you can send us drawings and specs we can help out.

    If you can collaborate on a game play tool that would be widely used in the community we can work out a deal with you where we provide several of those tools to you for free, and we add it to our catalog for other gamers to purchase.

  • Can you make markers or other tokens for a game I am designing?

    Yes!  If you can provide your own designs in .ai or .svg that makes it a very easy project.

  • What happed to dice trays and 3D prints?

    For trays -during the pandemic they materials were very hard to find and we moved on to focusing on MDF terrain. 

    3D prints are a great way to get hard to find vehicles, but the time required was bottle necking our order fulfillment times.