Crossroads Bolt Action tournament Entry Fee.

Crossroads Bolt Action tournament Entry Fee.

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100% of entry fees will be used for store credit prize support and There will be lots of additional prizes from our stockroom.  

We will have a vendor table with plenty of discounted Warlord Bolt Action Kits, terrain or we can issue a gift card. 

Best Battlefield - Bring in that awesome table and get entry into a raffle for each table you bring. Tables should be balanced for fair play.
2 random winners will get $75 in terrain credit from Father and Son Gaming.

1 bonus point will be granted to all players that preregister and submit their army list to before 22FEB2023.

Army Construction:

  • 1,000-point army consisting of 1 Generic Reinforced Platoon
    • No Theatre Selectors or Campaign-Specific Units can be taken outside of ones that specify in their entry that they can be taken in a generic reinforced platoon.
  • 14 order dice limit *INCLUDING FREE UNITS*
  • Armies can be created from any current “Armies of XYZ” or similar book.
  • House Rules:
    • The Turret Jam rule will not be used.
    • Armies of Germany:
      • Tanks that cause Tiger Fear are not affected by Tiger Fear

Army Construction Clarifications:

  • Maximum of 1 flamethrower can be taken – whether they be a unit upgrade, vehicle upgrade, or weapon team. 
  • Maximum of 1 unit with a heavy howitzer may be taken, either as an artillery unit or mounted on a vehicle.
  • Maximum of 1 unit with a multiple launcher weapon may be taken, either as an artillery unit or mounted on a vehicle.


  • Best Allied: Combination of battle points and sportsmanship score in the Allied faction
  • Best Axis: Combination of battle points and sportsmanship score in the Axis faction
  • Best Painted Army: Highest painting rubric score
  • Best Sportsman: Player with highest sportsmanship score and TO’s discretion if tie
  • Purple Heart: Player with the most dice lost at the end of the event.
  • (Tables subjected to adjustments by event staff for balance)
  • Every player will go home with a prize.

The overall score for each player is a combination of:

  • Battle – 120 pts
    • Major Win = 40
    • Minor Win = 30
    • Draw = 20
    • Minor Lose = 10
    • Major Loss = 5
  • Sportsmanship – 30pts
  • Theme/Army List Submission – 5tps
  • Unique Bonus objectives will be in play for each round

Sportsmanship Scoring

Operating on the assumption that all players are good sports, opponents are automatically granted 10 points for Sportsmanship for each game. If it turns out that player’s opponents are less than good sports, players need to report it to the TO, before the start of the next round, using the following categories and examples as a guideline. Keep in mind: Everyone gets a little salty now and then, forgets (or misplaces) their tape measure once in a while, temporarily forgets how a rule works, or changes their mind about a decision, etc.

Salty Attitude: Complain a lot. Constantly ask to see your rules—even for basic things. Act put-out if you ask to see their rules. Do not communicate intentions or establish agreement with regard to movement, line of sight, etc. Are impatient, dismissive, curt, etc.; sore losers or ungracious winners.

Unprepared for Play: Show up very late. Haven’t read the tournament rules. Haven’t read the mission description. Don’t have the majority of the things needed to play the game (have to borrow a lot).

Incompetent Play: Unable to execute the core rules of the game without frequent referencing or coaching. Spend inordinate time looking things up (i.e. do not have materials prepared, marked, or printed for quick reference).

Questionable Play: Not quite cheating, but not aboveboard either. ‘Generous’ measurements or movement. Frequently take back movement or other decisions after they are in process. Not clearly distinguishing between similar units. Not keeping track of scoring. Abuse ‘playing by intent’ by failing to establish what their intent is, but taking advantage of what it ‘could have been’.  Slow play that attempts to favor scoring outcome. 

Sportsmanship Deductions: In all cases, the judge(s) will decide whether the described behaviors are Minor, Major, or Extreme instances.

  • Minor instances will be minus 1-4 points each.
  • Major instances will be minus 5-9 points each and a visit from the TO.
  • Extreme instances will be minus 10 points and a visit from the TO.